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Food is the work of many restaurants and workplaces. For most of us, food at work comes in the form of meals, snacks, and office parties – well, in the pre-COVID days that is. Now, food is at work for all who are officing at home – in the kitchen, in the pantry, in the garage fridge, and perhaps even in the candy dishes that cropped up back in October when Halloween was afoot.

Radio ads even proclaim “we can help you lose the COVID 15” which refers to the “freshman fifteen” pounds that new college students often gain. This advertising tells me that food is at work ON us rather than for us.

Food as fuel is a key focus. When food becomes a response to emotions, food is working against us: adding pounds, preventing us from recognizing what we might really be experiencing, and standing in the way of real problem solving. Again, food works for us when it is the fuel our bodies benefit from in order to keep us alive and functioning physically and mentally well.

A phrase from my child’s middle school years comes to mind: “Kiss that beautiful brain of yours.” Food can be a healthy contribution to our brainpower these days. Working alone, near our kitchens, without co-worker conversations, and without variety in our routines can lead to over-snacking and over-eating. Beware and take care to eat to fuel your body rather than to eat your emotions.

Food at work was a focus during my college work years. I worked school breaks in a deli providing direct service to customers. Food handling, preparation, pairings, and safety were a part of our learnings. In another food-position, I was a tour guide in the inspiring Betty Crocker Kitchens which could be toured by the public (unless recipe testing was underway). Everything from recipe creation to food production and packaging was a part of our experience so that we could knowledgeably provide the tours.

How is food at work in your week?

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