Jana as Presenter

Jana as

Jana as Conference Speaker and Presentation Provider

Engaging presentations from Jana Kemp bring audiences inspiring messages that capture attention and encourage people into action. Jana provides keynotes, speaker services, moderator, and conference break-out sessions.

Jana has presented in the United States and internationally for audiences from teen years to 92 years of age, and from all walks of life (for-profits, non-profits, NGOs, associations, government, education, and civic organizations). Her ability to connect with anyone about anything makes her an in-demand questions-and-answer hit as well.

“Every time you have a conversation with Jana Kemp it is like hitting the Refresh button on your computer – new ideas and information engage us every time!” – So, we keep inviting her back.”

Jana’s presentations can be 45 minutes to three hours and include:

  • Reclaim the Day – Manage Your Minutes more Effectively
  • Make Powerful Decisions (personal life)
  • Make Powerful Decisions (work life)
  • Make Meetings Effective (work or volunteer arenas)
  • Minute Taking Made Easy
  • Creating Productive Workplaces – based on Jana’s book Building Community in Buildings
  • From Overload to Organized – manage your time and your stuff
  • Be Prepared, Not Paranoid – things you can do to live more safely.
  • Power Listening for Effective Communication
  • Make Team Decisions more Effective
  • Presentation Power Skills
  • Work with Commissions and Boards more effectively – clarifying staff and board roles
  • Work with Councils, Commissions, and Legislators – basic parliamentary procedure and talking points
  • Building Community in Buildings – discover the six pillars of creative and productive workplaces

Additionally, as the author of a variety of books she can present on a range of topics. Just ask!

Invite Jana to present at your next meeting or conference. Your participants will thank you!

Let’s Start the Conversation

Let’s Start the Conversation