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Music can feed the soul or diminish one’s spirit. Music is an industry of work. Music is often a backdrop for work. Music is entertainment. And music can be distraction.

As a helpful distraction, music creates focus for work accomplishment. It generates creativity and inspires joy. Music can pick up the pace and add energy to a space. Music allows us to tune out the unhelpful and focus efforts on the work to be completed.

Unhelpful distraction is the music that jars listeners – prevents employee focus or even creates customer unrest. This blog was prompted by agitating music and commercials during a recent dental appointment. While distraction occurred, peace of mind and comfort were not created. Typically, easy-listening music plays in a place where tools are interacting on a patient/customer. Typically my dental office is playing restful music, so the change was especially noticeable.

Music can soothe and calm. Some classrooms and businesses play music to create atmospheres for learning and productivity. Music that supports the work to be accomplished in a space or the shopping to be done, or the experience to be had is optimal for workplaces of every size and nature. Unless silence is even better. For some people, silence is the most calming. Some workplaces remain free of background music because silence has been proven more helpful for their teams.

Whether lyric-free or lyric-filled, music creates atmosphere. Atmosphere creates solace, joy, uplift, or unrest. Unrest can create failed projects or even dangerous environments. Environments can create productivity or hazard. Consider the sounds of equipment and the piped-in sounds of music in your work environment. Consider whether these sounds are helpful or hurtful to the work at hand. Explore what sounds might be more supportive of people – employees and customers – in the environment.

What music plays in your workplace?

What music feeds your soul?

Are the two music sets the same? Could they be?

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