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Workplace: covers the issues and activities of managing the moments of our day-to-day business lives. Five of my seven books speak to daily business skills. Together, let’s explore what affects us every day (or some days) that we go to work.

Opportunities for volunteerism abound year-round. Over the last decade or so, I’ve observed more businesses closing for half or whole days to volunteer in the community: raking, seeding a park, painting, and other local projects. Some companies also allow employees time off to volunteer in schools and with youth programs throughout the year.

Celebrate the volunteerism you did this year. Talk with co-workers, family, and friends about the volunteer work you have done this year. Modeling volunteerism is important for the continuance of our communities. This month, I was pleasantly surprised when my teenager asked, unprompted, “when is the Veterans Holiday Party this year? I’d like to volunteer again.” While she didn’t end up being able to attend this year, she remembered our past years of December volunteerism and that warmed my heart immensely.

During this end-of-year non-profit asking campaign season, some people are expressing feelings of giving-fatigue. In place of feeling fatigued, may I offer this: “If you’ve already given what you can give, feel good about that; celebrate it and rest well knowing that your volunteerism and gifts have already made a year-round difference.” Celebrate the difference you’ve made.

Wherever you choose to volunteer, know that your time, talent, and treasures are needed. Whatever your cause or passion, volunteers are needed. Explore the opportunities in your community. You’ll discover that you receive more than what you share because recipients are grateful for your efforts. You may also find that you have a new interest that you want to develop to bring more joy to your daily life.

What volunteerism does your company support? Is it time-off for you to volunteer? Does your company write gift-matching checks? Explore how you can multiply your gift-giving through the programs your company offers. If your company does not yet have a program of support for volunteerism, please suggest it. ffffffffff

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