Jana Kemp: Master Facilitator

“Jana Kemp is a master facilitator who can lead any team or group, any time, any where, on any topic. Jana’s work saved us time and money and reduced our angst. Thank you.”
Government and Private-sector Participants in single and multiple events facilitated by Jana Kemp

Credit Union Kudos

“Jana’s passion for skilled group communication garnered enthusiastic participation from our board members as they worked to define a powerful long-term strategic goals document. Her work also helped us to overcome short-term obstacles and to identify staff members who were not investing with us for the long-term. Our work with Jana lead to a strategic initiatives document that we have posted in our board room and refer to often. We look forward to working with Jana Kemp again and again.”
Credit Union CEO

Statewide Summit

“Jana Kemp’s ability to weave together the comments of speakers; her ability to keep the event on time; and her excellent content recap notes during our first state-wide summit prompted us to hire her back for our second annual summit!”
Idaho Statewide Coalition Executive Director

Statewide Task Force

“Jana did a great job with the Mobility Management Task Force. As a result of her efforts, we go forward with a solid coalition in public transportation to better serve the citizens of Idaho, especially in rural communities.”
Stae Public Transportation and Safety Manager

Building Confidence

“What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Jana Kemp? Jana Kemp is an entrepreneur in harnessing your personal presentation style and abilities. Jana’s training will draw out your confidence and provide you with the necessary tools to become a respected presenter. I challenge you to take her classes and succeed!”
Federal Government Agency Workshop Attendee

As seen in

Financial Industry Accolades

“The internet has many examples of how to facilitate, and most facilitators follow the same bullet-point outline. However, Jana Kemp has a special knack of drawing participants into discussion and brain-storming solutions. You may have heard the saying ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink’ – Jana goes one step further; she cause the horse to be thirsty so they want to drink.”
CEO who repeatedly asks for Jana's services to support the team

Writing Services

North American Book Awards 2017 Travel Category GOLD medal winner Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA relied on Jana Kemp’s ghost-writing services for his award-winning book Life-A-Tecture: Build an Experience-Driven Life.

“Jana’s developmental-editing support gave shape to my manuscript. Her urging to complete my book inspired me to get it done and published.”
Kelly Neilsen

Workshop Delivery

“Jana Kemp has and always will have valuable ideas. She is an ASSET that I totally appreciate.”
Erika, Youth Devleopment Programs Manager
“Spending time with Jana Kemp is like spending time with a fresh spring breeze…and KNOWING that someone cares, deeply.”
Melissa, conference and workshop attendee on multiple occasions
“It is a privilege to have worked with Jana Kemp over the past 10 years or so. Her diligent and accomplished skills helped us achieve many successes in our business. As a community role model, Jana has demonstrated vision, leadership, and results. Jana inspires the best in others and is an asset to any organization.”
Kristen, owner of multi-state businesses

Let’s Start the Conversation

Let’s Start the Conversation