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Moving Meetings

Moving Meetings offers step-by-step guidance on ensuring a successful meeting through careful preparation, mastery of essential communication skills, and active intervention to keep meeting participants focused on a meeting’s agenda and goals. You’ll learn to change meeting breakers, such as over scheduling, concluding without an action plan, and lack of leadership, into meeting makers — concrete strategies and tactics to keep meetings moving.

No! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life

If you’re afraid that saying “no” will cause a backlash with friends, family, or colleagues, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that “no” can be a productive answer, and can put you in control of any situation – without turning you into a meanie. No! turns the word into a tool for personal power, and gives you new ways to help discussions and decisions move forward. This enlightening guide reveals how “no” can help you protect your time, money, family, and more. And it demonstrates that “no” is a legitimate word that doesn’t always need to be negotiated to “yes.”

Building Community in Buildings

Building Community in Buildings takes us on a fascinating journey through workplaces large and small, old and new, traditional and contemporary, to explore the dynamic relationships between people and the structures in which they work. Noting that a child born today will spend 90 percent of his or her life inside, Jana Kemp and Ken Baker integrate insights from management and building design to reveal new understandings about workplace productivity and performance. Showcasing dozens of examples—from office buildings to libraries to hospitals—the authors highlight innovative practies that utilize space to promote creativity and collaboration, improve morale and motivation, and ensure employee health and safety.

Moving Out of the Box: Tools for Team Decision Making

Project teams are the rule, rather than the exception, in today’s organizations. But, thanks to the pressure of performance goals, conflicting agendas, and political jockeying, few teams make consistently superior decisions. In Moving Out of the Box: Tools for Team Decision Making author Jana M. Kemp, an authority on team decision making, saves the day by offering tested methods and tools that teams and leaders can use to ratchet up their performance level.

Prepared Not Paranoid: Lessons from Law Enforcement for Living Every Day Safely

In the wake of 9/11, many Americans feel their individual safety is threatened by forces they cannot control. Some take drastic measures and move from metropolitan areas thought to be targets, while most stay put and try to find ways to protect themselves in their homes, their workplaces, and their communities. Still, a sense of vulnerability or uncertainty can undermine feelings of safety and security. Today’s dangerous world calls for daily personal power that overcomes paranoia and puts people back in control of their lives and their sense of safety. Drawing on 34 years of law enforcement work and training, co-authors Doug Graves and Jana Kemp present useful information and practical guidelines for keeping yourself, family members, and co-workers as safe as possible every day.

Run for Elected Office–and Win!

The list of challenges facing society is endless. Numerous financial and social problems affect the world and individual countries. And they also affect states, counties, cities, and even school districts and neighborhood policy councils. It’s time for fresh thinking and new ideas in the public arena; it’s time for more civic-minded people to get involved by running for—and winning—elected office.

Charlie’s Letter

Charlie’s Letter is for four to eight year olds and their care-givers to learn that a mother’s love continues even when she is in jail and to encourage children to make good decisions, so that the cycle of going to jail is broken. Charlie’s mother sends him a letter from her jail cell. She apologizes for her bad decisions and encourages Charlie to make good decisions. Charlie’s Letter can be used by teachers, counselors, step-parents, foster-parents, and grandparents to reinforce a parent’s love and to encourage good decision making. All children in this situation need to know they are loved and that everyone wants them to learn to make good decisions. America must break the multi-generational cycle of incarceration and this book is one way to start!

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Press Releases

Media in which Jana has appeared includes radio, television and print.


  • Momentum Radio weekly business program that Jana originated and hosted for four years. 1998-2002.

  • Business News Network weekly segment contribution on sound business practices. 1990s.

  • Radio Interviews of Jana have included:

    • KBXL: Vincent Kituku interview January, 2014. Business tips for two weeks.

    • Something You Should Know, host Mike Carruthers, Strand Media Group (160 stations), January 25, 2005 – 15 minutes. The transcript was online at: Something You Should Know.

    • The Matt and Ramona Show, WLNK-FM, Charlotte, NC, February 7, 2005 – 15 minutes and rebroadcast nationwide.

    • Thinking Outside the Box, Elizabeth Hopkins, KFNX 1100, Phoenix, February 27, 2005 – 1 hour show.

    • About That Love Thing, Yolanda Gaskins, XM Satellite Radio. March 2, 2005 for 20 minutes. Invited back April 18, 2005 for 60 minutes.

    • The David Gold Show, 990 Texas Talk Radio, March 3, 2005.

    • The Breakfast Club with Bob Cupp, WBUT-AM, Butler, PA. March 15, 2005 – 15 minutes.

    • The Ranch with Zeb Bell, Burley, Idaho. May 16, 2005 – 30 minutes.


  • October 2012: Jana Kemp’s Idaho Gubernatorial debate aired on NBC affiliate KTVB. One hour. Jana was one of three candidates to be selected for this debate.

  • November 2012: Jana Kemp’s Idaho Gubernatorial debate on Idaho Public Television (PBS). One plus hours. Jana appeared with the five candidates for governor of Idaho.

  • 2011 – Jana Kemp submitted 15 WGA registered television show ideas to OWN through the Discovery Communications’ Producers Portal. These shows could be turned into a book and pitched to entertainment companies in their own right.

  • NBC affiliate business segment weekly provider for one year 1999.

  • Sun Valley program guest to discuss her books over the course of one year.

  • Community Television (in Idaho) interviews tied to Jana’s elected-office work and campaign commentaries. Each show runs multiple times.

  • Boise State University television – aired on the Treasure Valley Community Television channel: March 2012 Women in Politics panel presentation in which Jana was a panelist.

  • NBC Affiliate interview about the Idaho 4-H Centennial with Carolyn Holly, noon segment arranged by Idaho Magazine. February 2012.

  • From 1987 to 1989, Jana worked for the John Malone and Ted Diekel owned Cable Value Network (CVN) home shopping channel as a training specialist. She proposed a LifeStyle segment that would shoot from out-of-the-studio locations. Ultimately QVC bought CVN and did implement non-studio shoots with artisans and product manufacturers. This merchandising experience influences Jana’s ideas for multiple, yet interconnected product lines with which viewers and readers can establish a long-standing relationship for social and purchasing purposes.

  • Continues to be asked to appear on television on an annual basis to discuss business topics and magazine articles.


  • Jana Kemp’s own websites and Facebook pages.

  • Yolanda radio interviews from above, archived.

  • Webinar presentations for several national training entities that are made available to their respective clients both live and in archived formats. Audiences have been American and Canadian.

  • Print publications in England, Canada, and Holland (2006-2008).


  • 2016: Washington Post interview regarding content from Run For Elected Office and Win. Questions pertained to the 2016 presidential candidates.

  • O Magazine – May 2007 tied to the book NO!       

  • O, The Oprah Magazine online edition – May 2007

  • The Arizona Republic – 2004

  • Better Meetings for Everyone™ Newsletter. Published quarterly for 17 years: 1993-2010. Jana Kemp writer and publisher. Archives are at

  • Boise Weekly – 2005

  • Books 24×7 – online newsletter – 2005

  • BookLoons Reviews – 2005

  • Brides Magazine – 2003

  • The Christian Science Monitor – 2006

  • Cooperate University Review column contributor – late 1990s

  • The Courier Journal (Kentucky) – 2004

  • Globe & Mail – Toronto, Canada – 2005

  • Idaho Business Review – periodic business columns. 1990s through 2004.

  • Idaho Mountain Express – 2005

  • Idaho Magazine. Two articles published: Life at the Academy (Police that is) – February 2008 and Idaho 4-H Celebrates is Centennial – February 2012.

  • The Idaho Press Tribune – business columnist twice-a-month for five years.

  • The Idaho Statesman – 2004, 2005, 2010

  • The Olympian (Washington) – 2005

  • The Roanoke Times and – 2005

  • The Rotarian Magazine – 2005

  • Self Magazine – 2005    

  • The Tennessean – 2004

  • Twin Falls Times News (Idaho) – 2005

  • The Wood River Journal (Idaho) – 2005

  • UK Glamour – as a result of the O publicity, UK Glamour called and quoted Jana.

  • USA Today quote as a result of the NO! book.

As seen in

Voiceover & Uncredited Work

  • Government videos

  • BBC (1990s) video participation as a small-bit actress

  • Industrial video voice-work


  • 3M – meeting productivity articles tied to their Post-it division. 1990s.

  • USPS – meeting productivity articles for their newsletter. Hired through a Boston-based firm. 1999-2000.

  • IADLEST (International Association of Directors in Law Enforcement Standards and Training). Projects’ work presented to the National Highway Transportation Association in 2009 and 2013.

  • Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA – American Institute of Architects College of Fellows packet for 2012 submission, work done in 2011. His first-time submission earned him a place in the College of Fellows, which takes some applicants the full three-limit number of submissions.

  • Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA, 2012 through 2017 – How Not To Lose Your Life Before You Die. His self-help travel book tells his first-hand stories of traveling the globe from the seat of a motorcycle.

  • A variety of policy oriented works for the Idaho Legislature tied to the Film Industry in Idaho. 2005 – 2006.

  • A variety of client documents ranging from training materials to newsletter articles and governance materials. 1987-present.

  • Product management, research and writing on the top-selling and second-selling products for Carlson Learning Company. Collaborated with the subject matter experts to complete the workbooks and facilitator guides, as well as to release them to the distribution network at an international conference. 1989-1991.

  • Circulation Librarian job training guide for Principia College. 1986.


  • GOLD medal in the 2017 North American Book Awards for Ernest J. Lombard’s book Life-A-Tecture.   
  • Ghost-Writing for the American Institute of Architecture’s College of Fellows application packet earned the client FAIA status on the first submission. 2012.

  • Requests to serve as newspaper columnist for more than two years and for three publications. 1990s to 2009.

  • Louise Ritchie Strand Memorial Award for Achievements in Creative Writing . 1982-1983.

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