Services Offered

Training & Workshops

Get aerobically engaging training from Jana Kemp, author of Moving Meetings (McGraw Hill, 1994), NO! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life (AMACOM, 2005), Building Community in Buildings (Praeger, 2007), Moving Out of the Box: Team Tools for Decision Making (Praeger, 2007), and Prepared Not Paranoid (Prager, 2008). Invite Jana to present at your next conference or staff retreat. Your participants will thank you.

Meeting Facilitation

Make your corporate retreats, planning sessions and meetings “happening” events with an experienced meeting facilitator. You will elevate the participation level and accomplish goals more efficiently when all the participants feel they are heard, a part of the process, and committed to following through on agreed upon actions. Whatever the climate or setting for your meeting, Jana Kemp will keep it on track, get action-commitments from participants, and make things happen.

Meeting Moderation

When your meeting or conference needs more than facilitation, provide stage presence and flair with Jana Kemp as your Moderator or Emcee. Jana’s experience as an on-air radio and television personality brings a high-energy and professional presence that invigorates meetings and events. As your Moderator, Jana Kemp guides your group, forum, or panel, maintains timeliness, and handles dialogue between presenters and attendees.

Keynotes & Presentations

Rally your teams, association members, or individual contributors for better decision making and improved communication with a presentation by internationally recognized keynote speaker Jana Kemp.

Writing Services

Are you stuck trying to get a business report compiled and completed? Or wanting to get your book written but just can’t seem to find the time? Jana Kemp works with organizational leaders to produce business reports of all kinds and with authors for idea generation, book organization, editing and writing collaboration.

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North American Book Awards

2017 Travel Category GOLD medal winner Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA relied on Jana Kemp’s ghost-writing services for his award-winning book Life-A-Tecture: Build an Experience-Driven Life.


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Success Stories

Law Enforcement

In 2002, Jana Kemp completed the ten-week Idaho Police, Basic Patrol Academy. After Academy graduation, her law enforcement consulting work includes curriculum re-design, national research on state police training standards and curriculum selection (along with a presentation to NHTSA in D.C.), workshop leadership, and strategic planning facilitation. The results of Jana’s facilitation and project management leadership have included actionable strategic plans, implemented basic patrol curriculum, and repeated requests for facilitation support at statewide and regional meetings involving multiple agencies.  Clients hire Jana years at a time, as well as for contracts that are separated by several years – proving the durable value of her work.

Clients include: local police and sheriff organizations; state police agencies; POST Councils; and the International Association of Directors in Law Enforcement Standards and Training. Ongoing work in the law enforcement community is an indicator of Jana’s recognized stature and leadership skills in command-and-control, chain-of-command environments.

Thought Leadership

Jana Kemp’s thought leadership in for-profit, not-for-profit, and government sectors includes the following:

  • Knowing what is going on in the world around us
  • Being well-read and well-acquainted with multiple ideas that may sometimes appear to be in conflict
  • Gathering information from a variety of sources, making sense of it, and being able to share that “sense” with others for them to determine how they will, or will not, take action on ideas and information
  • Being a constant learner from multiple media
  • Providing well-thought-out ideas that provoke meaningful thinking and discussions by others
  • Supporting sound decision-making, based on decision models that include Jana’s Stanford University Press book “Moving Out of the Box”
  • Encouraging best-practice built-environments that are Human Responsive Design and able to support Human Resource Development (Talent Development), based on Jana’s co-authored book “Building Community in Buildings”
  • Compiling chaotic thoughts and ideas into actionable Agendas and guiding documents
  • Assimilating information and decisions into actionable steps for individuals, teams, and organizations to implement and pursue

Author Spotlight: Ernest J. Lombard, FAIA

“Jana wrote my book while I told the stories and shared my vision for what I wanted it to be for readers. Her tireless support and vision-implementation led to my achievement of the 2017 GOLD Award in the Travel Category of the North American Book Awards.  Jana also helped document my architectural career in such a way that I was able to earn Fellowship status in the American Institute of Architects on the first submission. I highly recommend Jana as a ghostwriter for all of your business and personal-legacy projects.”

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