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Jana as

Jana as Author

When the Arab Spring happened, I wondered how many people might have read my second book No! in Arabic; but I’ll never know. My dream of writing a book to help improve lives began in junior high. At the 20 year mark of my entrepreneurial work, I had seven books, in seven languages to my credit. Stay tuned for more titles on a variety of work, current affairs and non-fiction fronts!

Jana Kemp is the author of seven books in seven languages with these publishers: McGraw Hill (2 languages); AMACOM (6 languages) Praeger; and Stanford University Press. Her seventh book is her first children’s book (self-published niche book about a mom in jail writing a be-good letter to her child): it launched in 2012.

Jana’s Business Meeting & Management Essentials celebrated 20 years of continuous operation in 2013. Her workshop, facilitation, and conference speaking business has included work across the United States and international audiences – both English speaking and those dependent upon interpreters. She has also spoken to groups whose members include hearing impairments, sight impairments, and developmental disabilities.

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People sometimes ask: What’s the common theme of your books?

Answer: Improved decision making for ourselves, our team-members, and in public arenas!

The writing journey continues in multiple genres under my own name and when I ghostwrite articles, reports, and books for clients. Storytelling that inspires, illuminates, provokes thought, and brings positive action for improved decision making in life and at work continues to be my forte.

Stay tuned for more titles on a variety of work, current affairs and non-fiction fronts!

Author turn-around time:  Jana’s book for Apress was written in four months and released within 10 months of having signed the contract. My hope is that after our first book together we’ll be able to identify a comparable writing timetable for each of the books in the series. The initial books can be written from the work I have already compiled. After the third or fourth book, I envision that going to new restaurant locations will be critical to the research and writing processes.

Hear What People Say about Jana the Author:

  • IADLEST, the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training Director Mike Becar: “It is my pleasure to give Jana Kemp a recommendation for work she may be seeking from your agency. I have worked with her in two director positions and found her work to be excellent. She continually ‘thought outside the box’ which resulted in many positive improvements in programs, curriculum, testing, and administration of the Basic Police Academy (10 week course). Jana is a great communicator, innovative with planning and facilitation, and well respected by the people she has worked with.”

  • Idaho Representative Mack Shirley: “I am pleased to write a letter of support for Jana Kemp. I served with Jana in the Idaho State Legislature where, as Representatives, we worked together on the House Education Committee. I admire her ability to quickly grasp the key elements of legislative issues and to contribute ideas that aided in the passage of significant legislation. Jana is highly effective in working with others, possessing excellent organizational and human relations skills. She has a strong work ethic, is intelligent, articulate, well-read and extremely productive. She has authored seven books about decision making and effective business practices.  I recommend Jana highly and am confident she would meet your expectations as an author or speaker on specialized topics.”

  • “Jana Kemp is our meeting management expert. Beginning in 1995 and continuing today (through 1998), she appears live every Monday on our nationally syndicated Business Day radio show. Every week our listeners learn a new strategy for managing effective meetings.” – Dan Smith, host of Business Day from the Business News Network, Colorado

  • “Jana Kemp is a smart, clean and efficient writer. I enjoy working with her and I’d recommend her to any editor looking for great business writing.” – Colleen Maile, editor of Venture magazine, The Smart Source for Idaho Business, Earls Communications, Inc. Idaho

  • Two editors with whom I’ve worked with have contacted me from their next publishing houses and asked me to write books for them again.

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