Workplace: Seen Elsewhere 33

Blogs, posts, articles, magazines, reader boards and more are sources of tips, strategies, and career advice. Read for ideas. Watch for messages. Consider the meaning behind the meaning that appears most obvious.

Anvil Fence company’s reader board says “Don’t be eye candy. Be soul food.” This reminds us that while it is good to look and be professional, to be our best, we need to bring depth and soul to each day. Or, it could mean to be more than a pretty package and bring intelligence and passion to the work you do. Another possibility: don’t just look good, do good every day that will bring uplift to your and another’s soul.

Allstate Batteries has an in-store sign that says “Power to Choose” which serves as a daily reminder to employees and customers that we each have the power of choice. We can focus on negatives, or on positives (yes, that is a battery pun). We can opt to spread misinformation or to dig in, do the research and share data. We can be cheering fans or complaining fiends. Every day we have the capacity and the power to choose.

Staples has published its fifth issue of “worklife” – a magazine full of ideas for improving life at work. Articles in this issue provide ideas for building creative workplaces, understanding and managing Gen Z, and more.

During the 2022 Olympic and Superbowl season now underway, notice television advertisements. Watch and listen for how messages have changed – due to the pandemic; due to cultural and political changing beliefs; due to needs for changing the perception the public has about a company, a product, or a service. All messaging is shifting. What are you noticing?

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