Workplace: Seen Elsewhere 33

During the 2022 Olympic and Superbowl season now underway, notice television advertisements. Watch and listen for how messages have changed – due to the pandemic; due to cultural and political changing beliefs; due to needs for changing the perception the public has about a company, a product, or a service. All messaging is shifting. What are you noticing?

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Workplace: Dogs

The question becomes “what is our company policy about animals in the workplace?” For some companies, service animals only are the rule. For others, service animals and emotional-support animals are approved policy. For other workplaces, no animals are allowed at all – for a variety of health-compliance reasons and for preference of the management team.

And, what about customers who bring animals to the store or office, warehouse or restaurant? Are your company policies clear and posted so that there is no pressure on front-line customer service providers to have to explain the rules?

Workplace: Read

What we read can shape the productivity of each day. “Put good things in to get good things out” is a mantra I’ve used with myself and others. Meaning that when we focus on good, productive, and positive activities and statements we are more likely to experience good. And, when we focus on the negatives, we are more likely to experience them. Choose what you read, listen too, and watch wisely. Your well-being depends on your choices.

Workplace: Beyond Walls

Beyond the four walls of your cube or office lies a world mirroring individual thoughts and actions made manifest in daily life events that are both reported and unreported, Snapchatted and Instagram-ed, Facebook posted and re-posted, and Tweeted or kept private. Beyond cube walls you’ll find ideas and concepts that carry you into fields of promise, concern, and joy. Beyond office walls you’ll discover that things happen differently in other places.