Workplace: Beyond Walls

Beyond the four walls of your cube or office lies a world mirroring individual thoughts and actions made manifest in daily life events that are both reported and unreported, Snapchatted and Instagram-ed, Facebook posted and re-posted, and Tweeted or kept private. Beyond cube walls you’ll find ideas and concepts that carry you into fields of promise, concern, and joy. Beyond office walls you’ll discover that things happen differently in other places.

Beyond walls you’ll hear that someone is suffering, another is celebrating, and still another is concerned. Beyond the walls of your office culture, explore how things happen, discover processes for innovation, capture causes for creativity, and document workflows that might improve your daily work life. Most offices do things differently from each other – there are lessons to be learned.

Beyond the walls of your heart, you may discover that it is past time to ask for a raise; past time to look for another place to work; or past time to start your own business. Conversely, when you look afield, you may find that where you work is a perfect fit for you, your talents and interests, and that you are appreciated for your contributions. Explore diligently to determine whether the “walls” in which you work are working for you or against you.

Reading a recent piece by Mikel Gorbachev for Time magazine, I was struck by his comments about the Berlin Wall and the implications for Germany, the concerns of the continent, and the wonderings of the world at large at the time. Gorbachev points out that The Berlin Wall held both symbolism and realities; hopes and fears. Yet, the time had come, the wall came down. Today’s world is different because of it.

What walls in your world need to come down or moved away from? Consider whether the walls are healthy and keeping you on course or unhealthy and wearing you down. Determine whether the walls provide structure that keeps you safe or have caged you into danger. Recognize what you need and whether the walls in which you work are helping you meet your needs.

What lies beyond your walls?

Have you looked or listened lately? What did you discover?

Workplace: Managing the moments of our day-to-day business lives takes work. Together, let’s explore    what issues and activities affect us every day (or some days) that we go to work. – Jana

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