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Here’s a new take on an old – and overused – acronym: SMART. Many workshops include the SMART acronym as a way to discuss effective goal setting. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Realistic. Timed. Definitely a helpful tool for remembering how to set, write, and achieve meaningful goals.

While on a park trail walk recently, SMART was applied in a new way.

S – Smile and be nice to your fellow park pals. – Clever!

M – Make memories without getting arrested. – Seriously, it said this!

A – Always pick up after yourself, kids, pets, or any other living organism who may be with you. – Still ponding “any other living organism” possibilities. What say you?

R – Respect the wildlife and they’ll respect you. – Respect is a good thing to pass along.

T – Take it easy and enjoy the park! – Another nice message for a rule-setting sign about park usage.

New applications can make a person smile – maybe even laugh out load. What old – and maybe overused – thing/saying/approach can you and your team take and apply in new ways?

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