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Jana's International Work

Jana Kemp works domestically and internationally. Consulting in India lead construction, manufacturing, and education groups to inspired employee workplace accomplishments. Providing webinars for Canadian and U.S. government employees has lead to more productive workplaces. Speaking at international conferences has put Jana in front of multi-language speakers relying on interpreters for the presentations AND lead to employees from around the world implementing improved training, development, and sales functions in their workplaces.

Jana was invited to South India to present and facilitate two weeks of leadership courses for students (aged 12-48) at an English-teaching school. While in India she presented to organizations in the construction and eye-glass manufacturing industries, as well as at a Rotary Club meeting with manufacturing, agricultural, and education industry CEO’s.

Watch Jana’s interview on a South India television program: 


Speaking to the French-owned eye-glass manufacturing plant in India inspired leaders, teams, and front-line employees to work more effectively together – after each paragraph, Jana paused and allowed time for the interpreter to communicate her message. Consulting the English-speaking sales team of a south-Indian construction company lead to refined supervisory/employee coaching and to improved sales.

Facilitation with multiple-language attendees requires awareness, language-use and cultural interaction skills that Jana Kemp brings to every meeting, event, and conference. Jana’s keen awareness and valued collaboration results in powerful partnerships with each interpreter with whom she has worked.

International conference presentations have included trade groups, industry-specific organizations, and company-specific teams. Jana’s language use avoids American-specific jargon and focuses on actionable language for as many cultures as possible. Keynote presentations and break-out group work are included in her work. Conference audiences have included people from every continent.

In addition to international business work, Jana has been interviewed by European, Canadian and Indian media outlets. With six business books in a total of seven languages, Jana is sought-after by media outlets because of her ability to provide sound-bites and quotable content in a short amount of interview time.

Note: Jana speaks in English and has worked with spoken language interpreters, sign language interpreters, and Braille translators.

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