Workplace: Hiatus

“Hiatus” means to take or create “a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.”

The worldwide effects of COVID have forced hiatus experiences in all walks of life, all career areas, and even areas of innovation and creativity.

Sometimes hiatus experiences are chosen. These examples are chosen hiatus times: a sabbatical from work; a chosen vacation – alone or as a family; a gap year between high school and college; or a return to educational pursuits. These changes in our typical life sequences or processes are meant to revitalize us, re-inspire us, and re-ignite passion and creativity in our lives.

Two years of pauses and restarts due to medical concerns and decision-making beyond our immediate control have forced some businesses to permanently close, others to temporarily close, others to change their hours, and others to limit their products and services. These same two years have brought untold wealth to some businesses, changed housing choices and living locations, and brought new innovations.

In all ways, we are living in a new normal that awaits full definition and settling in so that we might know what lies ahead.

While living, and waiting, we can make choices about how our days and weeks unfold. What about striking a better work and life enjoyment balance? How about scheduling time-off to do something you’ve never done? What about picking up a part-time job to enjoy and help ease community labor shortages? Consider what would inspire you – action, or a break from action.

Explore joining a book club that reads books you enjoy – and would find as a form of a hiatus. Get out a map and plan a trip by road, or air, by boat or train. Create a hiatus by volunteering your talents someplace new. Invite others to join you. Or, pursue alone hiatus adventures.

If you could choose your hiatus, rather than having one forced upon you, what would you choose?

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