Workplace: Road Trip Gems

Road trips are a great time to look and listen for gems that improve our daily lives. See the world anew! Refresh yourself and your energy levels. Find new ideas for organizing projects and exploring possibilities. Discover approaches that are tried and true, but new to you.

While on a recent Pacific Northwest road trip, these gems and helpful reminders for conducting daily work more effectively were seen and heard.

  • “Situational Awareness” – said a man to his travel companion who was walking into the space a car was backing into. Spotting danger, he spoke up. Being concerned about this occasion as well as future ones, he chose the words “situational awareness” as a current warning that might then be considered again in potentially harmful or dangerous situations. Do you team members have situational awareness for danger? For harm? For problematic communications that harm team productivity?
  • “Fire Evacuation Route” – seen on roadside signs, hotel rooms, and conference rooms. Hotels have had to sign fire-exit routes for decades. Now, entire communities post fire evacuation routes to help get people to safety as quickly as possible. What evacuation routes are marked in your office? What routes need to be marked? Does each team member know how to leave the building safely? Are their fire/safety captains who know what to do, where to have people gather, and how to account for building occupants?
  • “Fire Camp Ahead” – temporary signs were placed to provide warning about fire activity, heavy traffic, and the need to give priority to these working teams. What signs and signals do your team use to communicate about work being done and about completed work? Can your team be more effective?
  • “Entering Tsunami Zone”; “Leaving Tsunami Zone”; and “Tsunami Evacuation Route map” – all three kinds of signage were seen in coastal cities to provide education, warning, and evacuation pathways.

What road trip gems have you found this year?

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