Workplace: Dogs

How many of these sayings have you heard as it relates to working?

  • Working like a dog.
  • Dog-friendly workplace.
  • Literally, I work with dogs (at a veterinary office or pet supply store).
  • Stop barking up the wrong tree!
  • Bring your dog to work day.

These are all sayings I’ve heard in the last two years, and before people were working from home – where one might expect to see a dog (or cat) wander through the virtual meeting screen. Some office-settings allow dogs to come to work every day. The first time I experienced this was at an ad-agency about a decade ago.

I was caught off-guard. Walking into the second-floor office, I was not expecting to have a dog greet me at the top of the stairs. While I own a dog, I am not a dog-in-the-office kind of person – whether visiting or working there. A wealth-management company let’s their brokers bring dogs to work – which I found surprising.

I know, I know. You are either whole-heartedly agreeing with me or head-shakingly thinking I’m cold-hearted. Nonetheless, unless I am in a pet store, on a farm, or in a vet’s office, I don’t enjoy animals in workspaces. However, plenty of you do enjoy animals in all kinds of office and work environments.

As a result, the question becomes “what is our company policy about animals in the workplace?” For some companies, service animals only are the rule. For others, service animals and emotional-support animals are approved policy. For other workplaces, no animals are allowed at all – for a variety of health-compliance reasons and for preference of the management team.

And, what about customers who bring animals to the store or office, warehouse or restaurant? Are your company policies clear and posted so that there is no pressure on front-line customer service providers to have to explain the rules?

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