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Every business has a founding story, an evolution story, and a where-are-we-now story. Every product has these stories too. What stories are you telling at work? Consider whether the stories are helping or hurting your business success.

One company’s employee’s shared that they had renamed their company to No-Co because every idea raised seemed to result in a “no we won’t do that.” A national company was renamed by its customers to US Worst long before it renamed itself.

Stories matter. Stories come from lived experiences and are told for the good or the harm of our organizations based on those experiences.

Presentations are stories too. People remember your opening/hook, the middle (maybe) and how you close or invite them into action. When you tell a story clearly during a presentation, what you’ve said is more memorable and actionable.

Decades ago, business authors suggested that you can manage more effectively by telling stories.

Wait, that wasn’t a new idea – thousands of years ago, history was documented as a series of stories and parables that are still retold today.

There has always been power in stories. The power continues as long as the stories are told, read, or listened to.

Storytelling these days comes in the form of social media comments you may not be able to control. Yet, the customer experiences you create for people are largely in your control. What can your company do better to serve customers better, to generate positive storytelling?

A locally owned remodeling company makes good on any problems found up to two years after the work is completed. That has people referring their initial good works and their willingness to fix problems to others. Word of mouth is powerful. Storytelling is word of mouth.

Unfortunately, credit card theft happens every day. Fortunately, a national bank organization was able to recognize fraud attempts, contact the card holder and put an end to the fraud, while keeping whole the account holding customer. The old account was promptly closed and a new card express-shipped to the cardholder. This is good business. “Thank you” goes out to US Bank and to Discover Financial for their good work – I’m happy to spread the good work done for your customers!

Listen to the stories in your workplace. Listen in the neighborhood to the stories your customers are telling. Are you in good shape? Or, is a big change needed?

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