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Workplace: Fly

Fly. To fly – lift off the ground, be in the air, and move. Fly – that is snappy dressing going on there! Fly: Be a fly on the wall to listen in on conversations without being seen as a listener. Flywheel: a mechanical device that can conserve momentum to store rotational energy.

What “fly” work is happening in your organization? Consider whether more uplift or movement is needed in your environment. Times are trying whether working from home, at the office, or splitting the week between two locations, two desks, and two protocols for operating safely. As team leader, create a plan to keep your team members inspired and uplifted regardless of where they are performing work. As a team member, look around your spaces, consider your virtual meeting participations and identify what you can do to uplift yourself and others.

Fly clothing – no, not fairy wings and ethereal colors. Virtual meetings require clothing that looks good on camera, prompts others to SEE that we are fully dressed (rather than looking undressed due to long hair covering thin-strapped tops, for example). Maybe you’ve heard “dress for the job you want, not the job you already have.” This requires paying attention to how the people holding the job(s) you want are dressing in order to identify what, if any, changes in your attire might help you make progress. Yes, people notice what others wear, what care they take of themselves and their appearance. Dress nicely. Take care of yourself and your appearance.

Fly on the wall – what conversations have you overheard that changed how you work or how you live? Were the conversations public or private? Did others notice you listening in? Did they mind or not mind? There can be advantages to overhearing conversations we are not participating in. However, there can also be misunderstandings and sometimes conflict can result. Ask yourself, “would I want someone listening in on this conversation?” Behave accordingly. That is: listen or don’t listen based on what respect and your common sense are telling you.

Flywheel – think tools for conserving energy, creating momentum, and getting work done. Look around your workspace – personal and team space – to identify which tools are helping you work, are increasing productivity, are used daily and readily available, and are maintained in proper working conditions. Conversely identify those tools which no longer are needed by the team and get them out of the workspace. Identify the helpful tools that need maintenance and get them fixed so that they are supporting you and your work. Identify the potentially needed new tools that will improve the team’s ability to get work done – and get the tools.

We can all be fly and fly! Observation, communication, and focused action will help your and the team’s ability to be productive, gain momentum, and fly.

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