Nesting: Thinking Of Someone Else

Volunteerism is said to lift the spirits of the person volunteering, as well as the project and people being supported. Thinking of someone else, walking even an hour in another’s experience, can provide ways for us to see our own world differently. Seeing how others focus their energies into passionate causes can inspire us too.

The same can be said of letter writing: care, passion, understanding, and support can be extended. When thinking of someone else, picking up pen and paper, or a greeting card, creates an opportunity to think wholly of what you want your recipient to feel when reading your note.

This thoughtful process gives you time to celebrate a friendship, express gratitude to a family member, or share a story that you laughed (or cried) through together. Maybe you want to extend an invitation to tea – just the two of you; or to a small gathering and meal; or to have a virtual call that you can set up the technology to achieve.

Sometimes writing “Think Spring” is enough to generate a smile. Messages can be as long or short as you choose. Recipients are happy to have a card to put up on the fridge, or on a mantel, or amongst the books on the bookshelf – or even to use the card as a bookmark. Seeing the card creates a reminder of you and your thinking of them!

Keep writing those cards, sharing uplift and joy, and reminding others that you are thinking of them!

NestingCards idea videos: Welcome to NestingCards – YouTube

Photo note:   Earth Rotations set by Peg Owens for NestingCards.

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Jana Kemp

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