Nesting: Eight H’s

Sending a card can be daunting when the inside is blank. While reasons for card-sending are many, the words might not readily flow. In addition to Words for Free, here are eight h’s of ideas for writing personalized messages to family, friends, or colleagues.

Eight H’s: Growing up in 4-H youth programming includes learning the pledge said at every meeting: “I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living for my home, my club, my community, my country, and my world.” (Minnesota long-version of the pledge.) And, another 4h’s mention popped up during football season. Together, the following eight H’s provide fresh ideas for card-writing messages. Use one, or seven of them, to prompt personalized messages for each NestingCard you send.

Head – Have you been thinking about this person? Let them know why. Share a story or memory about times you’ve spent together. Find a favorite quote to share with your message. Include a map of where you’ve been or where you hope to go together. Some people practice writing a message on a separate page before transferring the message onto a card.

Heart – Share your care, empathy, or sympathy. “I know you’re in a challenging time…” Or, share a story about the wonders of being around the person whose life you are writing to acknowledge. Include a poem or song lyric. One heart-felt sentence makes all the difference!

Hands – Include a sticker, stamp, or visual you’ve drawn. Provide a story along with a coupon for a future get-together or activity. Handwrite your message, quote, or story rather than feeling compelled to type it for inclusion. Draw a line around your hand and turn it into an on-paper virtual hug, or some other image. Insert a photograph with a reminder of the date and event on the back. Be creative.

Health – NestingCards are inspirational, uplifting, colorful, and joy-filled ways to send “get well” words. Include a “glad you are better” or “one day at a time” message of cheer. Pen a note of what’s happening in your world that can uplift a person’s spirits when a health struggle is underway. Hearing about someone else’s world can help.

Or some H inspiration from the NFL: these four h’s can prompt the message you want to pen and send.

History – Shared adventures or travels, childhood memories, birthday remembrances, reunion tales, or extended family stories can bring smiles and laughter to your card recipients.

Heartbreak – Acknowledge the hard times someone is going through. Support the difficult decision made. Share a relevant heartbreak story from your life and how you got through.

Heroes – Who are the people you find inspiring? Share a story about their lives. If you feel the person you are sending the card to has heroic qualities, write about these qualities. What do you admire about the person you are celebrating in this card? Write about that.

Hope – We all go through challenging times and appreciate reminders of hope being present in another’s life; of hope being around the corner; or of hope having made itself clear in our friends’ lives. Share these stories of hope in the message you send.

Write On! Handwritten messages mean a lot to recipients. Why? Because you took the time to send the card and the message!

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Photo note: Beth Suter’s original watercolors with quotes on the back. For NestingCards®.

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