Nesting: Water

Do you remember this mind-bender: What must a body have to live but if breathed will kill you?

Water! (Water in one’s lungs will drown you.)

Hydration is important in every season and locale. People, animals, plant life – depend on water. Landscaping needs rainwater or human-provided water. Indoor plants depend on humans for water.

Water and what to do with it is a concern in the Midwest. In the West, the concern is “will we have enough for this irrigation season?” In all our homes and nesting places, we want water – drinkable, safe water.

Traveling in India, the murky brown waters left me grateful for clear, see-the-bottom waters. As in many countries, sealed bottled water is the only safe water for non-native stomachs and human systems. Thankfully, drinking from the tap is largely safe in the United States (yes, I remember Flint, Michigan!).

Water for bathing and showering is an important part of my nesting time. Replacing the 40-gallon water heater with a 50 gallon one was a great move for our house. Relaxation, reflection, and ideation time happen for me when I am in water. A child enjoyed baths daily and sometimes multiple times a day, until she graduated to showering.

A variety of personal nesting activities require water: Cut flowers in water make me smile. Weekly cleaning the bird bath in the back yard requires water and refills with water. Aquariums and fishbowls. Pets need water bowls and dishes to get through each day. Cooking and clean-up – water required!

Neighborhood water-nesting includes waterfalls, ponds, streams, canals, and community swimming pools. Landscaping common areas requires H20 as well. Bird habitats need water.

Which of your nesting activities need water?

Photo Note: Peg Owen’s  Idaho Waterways NestingCards set!

Jana Kemp

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