Workplace: Facility Improvements

Facility improvements come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are starting from scratch with new construction, remodeling, or simply painting and re-carpeting, facility improvements can make or break the productivity, creativity, morale, and profitability of your workplace.

Perhaps you’ve heard people say “If only they would have consulted those of us who use the space every day, the remodel would have been helpful. Instead, we have to work harder than ever.” When I hear people complaining about facility improvements that are not working, I too am frustrated. Spending money on improvements that worsen a workplace is not a good investment.

Facility improvements can be both beneficial and a sound investment. Consider these approaches for ensuring maintained, or improved, workplace productivity, creativity, and moral.

  • Ask employees what is working well about the current workspaces and facilities.
  • Ask employees what isn’t working and could be improved to enhance their productivity and creativity.
  • Compile a list of necessary facility features and work with your architects/remodelers/interior designers to build effective spaces.
  • Ensure that the facility and the interior designs work together to build employee morale, creativity, and productivity and you’ll be more likely to increase the profitability of your workplace.

Make every facility improvement work to your advantage. Your CEO and CFO will thank you, as will your employees.

For more, please see my book: Building Community in Buildings by Jana Kemp and Ken Baker.

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