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Nesting includes time for reading magazines. And yes, looking at magazines for ideas counts as reading. Colors, recipe ideas, in-style objects and fashion, and interesting articles provide happy distractions from the news, chores, and drudgery of everyday life. Photographs that prompt a smile, a deep breath, or a remembered story make winter sofa snuggling a looked-forward-to time.

Here are some of my favorite recently-read magazines – in alphabetical order. Over the years, I’ve read others too as a part of learning about other cultures; staying current on community, national, and world affairs; exploring home-improvements and entertainment ideas; and enjoying a break from all of my business reading.

AD (Architectural Digest) – Bright. Architecture in people’s lives and communities. Inspiration and information from around the world.

Breathe – Short articles for taking care of ourselves. Topic variety and a chance to enjoy beautiful layout of the many good ideas. An ongoing reminder to pause and breathe!

bella Grace – Beautiful photographs, inspiring messages, writing prompts, and thick paper for journaling make this a joy to read and a keepsake of ideas.

The Christian Science Monitor Weekly – Keeps me abreast of world topics, people, and issues. Provides inspirational columns in the closing pages of each edition.

DE: Deutschland – a fabulous publication out of Germany that shares what is going on there in every aspect of work, education, and life.

Elle Décor – Interior decorating ideas that are doable! Colorful. Inspiring.

Fast Company – As an early subscriber (1990s), I find invigorating business news and entrepreneurial profiles in every issue. The people, approaches, and products presented keep me on top of my game!

Governing – (used to be paper, now digital only) Excellent coverage of best-practices in government around the United States. If you are a government employee or a government official, this is a must-read.

HGTV magazine – always full of color, good-cheer, ideas for livening up my home, and smiling faces from the experts sharing their tips.

Idaho Magazine – regional stories that provide history, memories, and great photos. (Plus, they have me write an article for them every few years. June 2020 was the most recent and included photographs I took and submitted!)

Martha Stewart Living – Entertaining and home-making ideas aplenty. Fun inspiration. Some ideas are more complicated than others; however, some ideas have been pursued at my house with great success.

Real Simple – Practical tips for daily living. I saved the article on what-to-put-where in a French door refrigerator and finally used it over Thanksgiving weekend when the new one was installed. Uplifting and actionable ideas in every issue.

Southern Living – Keeps me in contact with my mother’s southern (Western Kentucky) upbringing. Gives me another taste of regional happenings, style, and foods (recipes).

TIME magazine – current affairs reading. Helps me stay on top of tough issues, interesting stats, and important world contributors and events.

Vanity Fair – People. Clothing. Photographs. Inspiration. Hip-factor in fashion and articles.

Veranda – Yes, a porch is a type of veranda. The appeal of big, open outdoor spaces attached to a house has always appealed to me. The ongoing ideas for interior and exterior décor and landscaping bring me to “the cabin” or “the lake” even though I haven’t left my living room!

Vogue – Having struggled with style for my entire life, I’m the one who looks to my sister and to clothing store specialists to find out what I can wear together. While my style is more classic than vogue, the ideas presented give me courage to combine things I wouldn’t otherwise put together. The profiles of prominent people are interesting and this year’s focus on revamping the fashion industry has been good, creative reading.

Reading really is a part of nesting!

What is on your reading stack? Magazines? Books?

Photo note: Whimsical Impressions by Peg Owens for NestingCards®  – this set always makes me smile!

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