Nesting: Memorable Messages

Memorable messages make impressions in moments that last minutes, or a lifetime. Sometimes the memory is created by sitting quietly with a friend, listening to what comes pouring forth.

Other times messages of cheer and encouragement written in your own words become keepsakes returned to in times of challenge. “Thinking of you, sending good thoughts” can make someone’s day. Longer messages sharing stories of happy trips and events bring smiles too. Medium-length notes over the course of weeks or months make memories too.

NestingCards allows you to tell one story at a time, one card at a time; or over the course of seven cards. The uplifting images in seven sizes create joy on their own. With your messages added inside, a keepsake is created.

Cards on a mantel, a refrigerator, a bookshelf, or desk remind recipients of you and your thoughtfulness. The smallest NestingCard makes a terrific bookmark which brings delight with every page marked and returned to.

Whether you keep the cards for your own enjoyment or send them along to family and friends, the NestingCards bring surprise, wonder, and joy with each re-opening, viewing, or re-reading.

NestingCards videos here: Welcome to NestingCards – YouTube

Photo note:  Abstracts by Miriam Woito for NestingCards®.

Nesting shares ideas for using NestingCards® and tips for creating keepsake memories on these cards which are printed with original images and paintings on fine papers. The written word shares joy, creates memories, and can envelope a sense of home!

Enjoy browsing and shopping for fun, for gifts, and for joy-spreading possibilities.

NestingCards® is a registered Trademark, United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Jana Kemp

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