Nesting: One Letter

Think. Thank. One letter makes the difference in these two words.

Sometimes one letter from you is what makes someone’s day or week. Hearing from a friend out of the blue raises spirits. Receiving annual  holiday letters can generate smiles. Opening a celebratory card brings warm feelings of having been seen and remembered.

Think and thank came to my attention when looking through Marlo Thomas’ book Thanks & Giving while preparing for Thanksgiving. One of the stories, by Larry Gelbart, is Thanking Is Just One Letter Away from Thinking. The story is about a girl growing up, learning to both think and be thankful.

The story prompts thinking that goes like this: thinking of someone happens before extending a thanks; thinking about a special celebration, event, or shared memory happens before sending a note of thanks or a hello greeting card.

The story points out that thinking too much might be an indicator of pausing and taking time to be thankful, to express gratitude for blessings and for the people in our lives who have gifted us or helped us in any way.

What are you thinking about? Does it call for sending a card?

Whom are you wanting to thank? Pause, send a card. You’ll bring a smile and lots of joy to each recipient. 

Photo note:  Fall Unfurled by Peg Owens for NestingCards.

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Jana Kemp

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