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Explore possibilities, options, and differing points of view. Explore ideas by brainstorming without judgment. Explore product potentials through focus groups. Explore product and service variations with existing customers. Every day brings new opportunities to explore in the workplace and in the world.

The act of exploring requires skills and behaviors that can be developed. For instance, curiosity is a mindset needed for exploration and is demonstrated by the behaviors of observation, listening, question asking, and open-mindedness. Being able to explore also means wanting to learn – about what is, about what has come before, and about what lies ahead.

Without exploration, new inventions would not become saleable products. Without exploration, new places to live would not be found. Without exploration, everything stays the same.

With exploration, new products and services can come into existence. With exploration, new places and new ways to live are found. With exploration, the things that benefit from evolving can evolve; can change as is needed and fitting.

Trying new food counts as an exploration. Taking a new route home from work, by car, train, bicycle, or bus, counts as an exploration. Visiting a museum to see a new exhibit is a form of exploration. Taking the stairs to your office might be an exploration. Walking to and through a park you haven’t been to this season is an exploration.

What will you explore today? This week?

What can your team explore?

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