Nesting: Of Letters And House Parties

House parties are held for letter writing. Yes, really. For instance, civic organizations hold greeting card note writing and letter writing parties to generate words of thanks for soldiers. Volunteer organizations hold letter writing parties when sending out thank you and donation request letters.

House parties to accomplish these letter writings make the process social and generate fun. Whether at a dining table (like John Arenskov’s in the photo) or a conference table in an office, a house party of sorts is being held.

During the fall, NestingCards holds a house party to showcase and sell the sets of NestingCards, embellished cards, and gift tags that make holiday gifting colorful and exciting. Art and artistic works create uplift for purchasers and recipients; each of whom may have been housebound for more than a year now.

Writing letters was commented upon by Nicole Chung in a July 2021 TIME magazine article. “I’ve spent my entire adult life far from my family and many of the people I’m closest to, so I’ve often had to rely on letters and texts and calls to maintain these important connections, let the people I love know what I’m feeling.” Nicole’s point being that letters and texts are a way to stay connected – any time of year, for any reason. Whether you hold your own letter writing party and crank up the music or host a house party for writing letters and socializing, you are building connections with people you don’t regularly see in person.

Consider holding a house party with invited guests for the purpose of letter writing. Whether the letters go to family and friends or to strangers whose work you admire or appreciate, the act of letter writing can make a positive difference in someone else’s daily life.

Whom can you write letters to this week?

For whom might you hold a house party for letter writing?

Photo note:  Dining Table by NestMaker master furniture maker John Arenskov.

NestingCards videos here: Welcome to NestingCards – YouTube

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