Workplace: Holiday

Workplace: Holiday

Today is a holiday – for some workplaces. For many it is not a day off, it is just an ordinary day.

Whether you are working or not today, a holiday holds many business considerations.

  • Shall we have a Holiday Sale? Many companies selling consumer products have sales at every holiday, or the week around the holiday’s date to get people looking, shopping, and buying.
  • Is this a company holiday such that we give people the day off? If so, are we completely closed or is a smaller-than-usual staff working?
  • Does this holiday create a multiple day weekend? How will that affect our business operations?
  • Does working the holiday create a pay differential for those who worked it?

When working from home, a no-school day in recognition of a holiday can add stress and plenty of “I’m bored” messages throughout the day. Build a list of holiday activities for students that is different than the school-at-home activities. Entertainment helps keep the interruptions down and the spirits up.

Holiday memorials are meant to give us pause and prompt us to remember that something special happened today; someone special or a country’s independence was born today; and something worth commemorating will happen again today.

Holiday hours. Holiday pay. What does your company do and say?

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