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Envelopes hold letters. They are the flat pieces of paper, or material, folded and glued to hold other pieces of paper, miscellaneous items, or cards. Envelopes range from plain white to fancy foiled and from tiny gift-card sized to over-sized-specialty-card sized.

Separately, hot air balloons have envelopes which are structures that hold the gas that heats the air that lifts the balloon. And, I’ve heard such phrases as “he enveloped me in a hug” as a way of saying the person felt completely wrapped by the hugging-person’s arms.

Back to letters and envelopes. Historically, letters were originally written on one side of a piece of paper; then folded with the blank side (called the cover) facing out, upon which a delivery address was written. Places of business and governmental entities used the blank spaces of the “cover” to add notes for organizing correspondence so that it could be found again later.

Nearly 4000 years ago, clay was wrapped around tablets to form a protective cover/envelope over messages. To read the tablet, the clay covering had to be chipped off. Since then, envelope styles, materials, and sizes have changed many times. In the 1800s, the United Kingdom’s Post Office Reform included development of an outer, pre-postage stamped envelope into which letters were to be placed. During the mid-1800s, the envelope folding machine was perfected by several Europeans for the mass production of envelopes. One machine could produce 240 envelopes an hour, which was far faster than hand-folding envelopes.

In the 2020s, over 185 billion envelopes a year are produced. Letter writing, card sending, and gift-card giving all consume envelopes. Whether plain white or colorful and fancy, envelopes add style and an element of surprise to the letter receiving experience.

About the NestingCards envelopes: Founder Jana Kemp spent two years hand-folding envelopes to test the sizes that would fit inside of each other. And researching the right paper, researching envelope sizes, legal U.S. mail sizes, shapes, styles, and envelopes that would fit one inside another. The research resulted in birch-colored NestingCards envelopes that carry an embossed nest-logo on each flap. The fine paper and embossed nest add flair and elegance to each card-opening experience.

NestingCards videos here: Welcome to NestingCards – YouTube

Photo note:  Envelopes include the embossed nest of the NestingCards® logo.

Nesting shares ideas for using NestingCards® and tips for creating keepsake memories on these cards which are printed with original images and paintings on fine papers. The written word shares joy, creates memories, and can envelope a sense of home!

Enjoy browsing and shopping for fun, for gifts, and for joy-spreading possibilities.

NestingCards® is a registered Trademark, United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Jana Kemp

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