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Cascading Greeting Cards Rock Recipients – NestingCards®

NestingCards® was born from the challenge of finding a birthday present for a teenager. Teenagers seem to want money more than presents. Solution: nested cards with a gift-card tucked in the last, smallest card rocked the world of the skate-boarding teen boy recipient. His excitement got the greeting card set instigated as a product to share with others looking for ways to gift people who are difficult to shop for. Product designer and company founder Jana Kemp spent two years pioneering this concept of seven themed cards that tuck inside of each other and can either be mailed as one package of nested cards or individually mailed. Opening the cascade of cards showers delight and surprise, creating smiles and keepsake memories.

Kemp worked with seven award-winning and gallery recognized artists and photographers from Idaho, Minnesota, California, Oregon, and Washington to create images for twenty-two sets of NestingCards. During celebratory and challenging times, sending one card – or seven nested cards – is a great way to share hope, remind people you care, and communicate happy memories. Personalized touch via a beautiful handwritten card uplifts the soul, celebrates special occasions, and comforts those feeling isolated.

From Texas to Washington and beyond, these cards are winding their way across the country. NestingCards bring joy to every purchaser and recipient, spreading hope, smiles, and uplift.

Three of the twenty-two sets of NestingCards® from seven artists in five states.

Available online at and in Pacific Northwest shops and galleries. In Idaho: Capitol Contemporary Gallery in Boise; in Emmett at the Emmett Floral Shop; and at Rediscovered Books in Boise. In Washington at art fairs.

Because of the uniqueness of the concept and name, NestingCards has been granted a registered trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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MEDIA Review option: For a sample set of cards, visit online and let us know what you’d like to experience.

Contact: Jana Kemp, 208-367-1701,

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