Nesting: Pillows and Plates

Pillows and plates may seem like a funny combination. Here are the connections. Pillows and plates can be changed seasonally. Plates and pillows can bring smiles, comfort, and joy-filled thoughts when we and our company see them. No matter the furniture, pillows and plates add style, charm, and color to a room.

Our everyday plates see plenty of action. The family heirloom plates from a grandparents’ wedding come to the table on special occasions. The “This is Your Day, Celebrate” plate is used for birthday meals. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Halloween plates in assorted salad, lunch, and dinner sizes add flair for family members and guests, season by season.

Friends of mine leave their formal dining table set all the time; implying “we’re ready for dinner, any time you’d like to join us.” Other friends change out table linens, centerpieces, and place settings each season. Plates alone can change the flair of a table. For book club dessert recently, I mixed four pumpkin plates with four Christmas plates and added four clear water glasses intermixed with four holly-themed glasses…seasonal cheer all at one sitting.

Pillows of any sort are often a vision and experience of comfort. Change the style, color, size, or thickness of pillows and you can change the feel of a room. Years ago, when purchasing a new sofa, I intentionally chose oatmeal because it fit the other furnishings and because I knew I could put any pillow, any time, for any occasion on it and not find a pattern conflict. We have daily-use pillows, company pillows, seasonal pillows, and pillows with inspiring quotes that can be put into the mix.

Bedroom pillows are for sleeping and for adding flare. Colorful pillows, messages, and good-cheer pillows on beds and chairs are found in our bedrooms. Regular washing of sleeping pillows is important; some pillow studies show that annually replacing sleeping pillows creates better health.

Yes, I’ve heard “why are there extra pillows on the bed as decoration that we have to move every night?” My response: “because sometimes its nice to see a well-appointed bed that is made and welcomes me to the room and promises a good night of sleep!”

What joy can you bring to your spaces with pillows and plates?

Jana Kemp

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