John Arenskov – Custom Furniture Starting at $10,000



Something unique, something of quality, something beyond expectation. This is what artist, John Arenskov, brings to life with his handcrafted custom furniture. John’s ability to go beyond conventional thought has resulted in a line of custom furniture pieces.

In 1985, inspired to produce furniture for his own home, John started a career in designing and building furniture. Influenced by artisans of the past such as Greene & Greene, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ruhlman, and Charles Rennie MacKintosh, John gained an appreciation for a broad-based assortment of styles. His creative focus is toward an enduring and timeless presence of his pieces, contemporary heirlooms; rather then bulk production for short lived trendy fads.

Working closely with clients to design and create custom pieces he is appreciated for his selection and marriage of quality materials and ease of design styles. Self taught through observation, experimentation and study, John’s early works were primarily inspired by the furniture of the Arts & Crafts Movement, particularly from the California architects Greene & Greene. John’s artistic curiosity has since led him to explore other innovative lines – Art Deco through African Primitive to Contemporary, allowing him to offer excellence in design in a broad range of styles.

John has been recognized in Fine Woodworking Design Books 6 & 7 and on the Home and Garden (HGTV) series, Modern Masters. His furniture has been collected nationally.

Born in Long Beach, CA in 1947, John lives in Snohomish, Washington where he maintains a full time studio and lives with his wife Trish and their rescued Greyhound Luna.

John’s custom work begins at $5,000. John works with each client on a specific bid depending on the size and scope of the project you hire him to complete. See examples of his work below.

Artist Statement:

“I’ve been designing and building furniture since 1985. I consider myself fortunate to have had clientele that continually challenge my creative wave, steering me all directions on the design compass. Looking at my body of work, you will not see a singular style because every client brings a unique set of design visions and desires to the project. What continues to inspire me about the creative process are the times when I am able to balance form, function and design to meet the client’s vision.”

See Gallery for example Work to jumpstart your project ideas for John!


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