Artist Bio - Peg Owens

Artist Bio
Peg Owens

Peg Owens, a digital photographic artist, is an inaugural contributor to 

Peg holds degrees in advertising illustration photography from Brooks Institute and Sociology from Tulane University. She found ways to parlay her interests and talents into a 30-year career as a film commissioner and tourism marketing professional. Peg worked with film companies on such classics as ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’ plus numerous commercials.

Now retired, Peg has returned with exuberance to her first love, photography. Enthralled by new and different places in front of her lens, she travels as much as her frequent flier miles will allow. Peg’s work includes scenic shots and traditional photography, impressionistic digital images and abstracts based on her photographs. She particularly likes finding the whimsey in the world. Her recent work includes photography of London, Paris, Barcelona, New England, the South, Costa Rica, Idaho, and the Four Corners region.

I am thrilled to be a contributing artist to Themes have emerged in my work that lend themselves beautifully to the seven-card concept. I look forward to photographing and creating more themes for the cards. – Peg Owens

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