Artist Bio - Brian Davis

Artist Bio
Brian Davis

My sister was a photographer before she even knew she was one. Taking photos of cars, horses, people, ponds, trees, and other things. Back then, I didn’t think much of it. But now, looking back, I suppose we both really enjoyed life itself and what came along with each day. We saw each day as an adventure. We rode our horses all day long, singing and visiting about what our lives would be like if we had to live any other way.

The second impact on how I got started taking wildlife photographs was a friend who collected deer and elk antlers who showed me a picture of a set of elk sheds laying on a ridge top. Seeing this picture set me off to buy a throw away camera and eventually getting better ones along the way. Some of my best years taking photos were because of a friend who gave me a beautiful Cannon camera. I used it until it wore out.

So, starting out, I was inspired by my sister who passed away at 19 years old and a best friend who showed me a photo of a set of elk sheds. Retired from the professional rodeo circuit after 15 years on the road riding bucking bulls, photography became a passion. Each day, I am outdoors, seeing the natural world and taking pictures along the way.

Artist Statement about the Wild Horses Pulled Me Away images for NestingCards:

Several years ago, I was in a scene that felt like the movie The Man From Snowy River. I was on foot. The Wild Brumbies (horses) here have a long history. I know some of it from old cowboys and cowgirls down through the years…how the wild herds of horses grew and famous stallions “keep crown” for decades. (Which means keeping their position as the highest-ranking herd-boss stallion. Some stallions control herds for many years – until being beaten by a stronger stallion.)

This day, out hunting antlers, I ran into the Brumbie herd, after walking miles out in the forest. The key to many walks of life is to be present, be aware, and to observe what is happening around you. Well, right before me, a fight broke out among the horses that had been watching man (me) coming. I think Ebony tried to decide when every horse would leave and Ivory wanted to go now. So, they started fighting, rearing up on their hind legs. Watching stallions fighting in person is good watching from a distance (remember, I’m a rodeo guy). The fight did not last long and other horses were moving around. I took nearly 200 photos during this walk.

My message is this: Take time to find and let the power and grace of nature lift you up in your life! – Brian Davis

New Photo – 2021: Rarely seen in one place, Brian captured this elk shed in Oregon. This image is available as a 24×36 image. Contact Brian directly to purchase:

April 2021 Blog Link to Brian Davis

Founder note from Jana Kemp: I met Brian Davis when visiting the Peterson Rock Gardens in central Oregon. His passion for the outdoors, nature, and animals is inspiring!

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