Artist Bio - Lorelle Rau

Artist Bio
Lorelle Rau

Lorelle Rau is an art consultant and professional artist, who uses cut paper and appropriated imagery to investigate concepts of nature and place.

Originally from South Florida, Lorelle earned an MA in Arts Administration from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015 and received a BS in Art Management and BA in Studio Art from Appalachian State University. She spent the last five years working for a corporate art consulting firm in Virginia, where she managed several healthcare and corporate projects. While her formal background is in Arts Administration, she has exhibited her own artwork extensively since 2010.

Lorelle currently lives and works in Boise, Idaho. When she is not fully immersed in the visual arts, Lorelle enjoys hiking in the Boise foothills and Idaho backcountry. Both activities inform her career as a professional artist and interest in healthcare art. Through her work, Lorelle hopes to connect with likeminded individuals who value and are inspired by nature.


Lorelle Rau’s work reveals the transformative qualities of nature, specifically the rich contours and textures of the mountains, and the constant changes they undergo. Lorelle’s creative process strives to integrate the spontaneity of the natural world and is based on her experience in the backcountry. Hiking enables her to become fully immersed in the moment— focusing on her body, breath, surroundings, and destination. While ascending, mountain contours begin to flood her field of vision, Rau says that form, color, and shape surround her, and she is consumed by the vastness of space. Line allows her to study the landscape at a distance; texture permits her to investigate her surroundings more deeply. Lorelle’s current body of work references how she sees and experiences the mountains and how she explores the feeling of being present in nature.    

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