Artist Bio - Becky Amble

Artist Bio
Becky Amble

Becky Amble has been an artist her entire life. Even in grade school she did the drawing for her brother’s winning conservation poster. Then came college and work which left little time for art. She didn’t stop using her creativity and channeled that into business solutions. Spurred on by a friend 20 years ago, Becky started watercolor painting and hasn’t looked back. She also paints in oil and acrylic, using whichever media she feels best communicates her subject. Becky also does photography and fused glass art and jewelry. Her work is collected throughout the US. A unique offering Becky has is painting people’s personal angels in watercolor. She has developed a following for her ability to capture people’s personal angels in watercolor. “Painting personal angels came to me as I was brain storming with another business friend.  Every angel that I have painted also gives me a message for the recipient.  It is a privilege to be able to do this for people.” In her business life Becky has established herself internationally as a top marketing strategist and futurist. She is the author of 10 books with the top seller reaching 200,000 copies (Love, from Grandma). Becky has appeared on numerous radio shows and in publications including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Becky has a passion for learning, solving problems, and creating. Her boundless energy comes through in both her business life and art. She is inspired by the Masters and other artists as well as nature and scenes from her travels. Becky lives in Minnesota and grew up in North Dakota as a focused and driven farm kid. She is involved in helping others through community involvement, leadership and volunteering. She has helped many artists grow and increase their exposure as well as created sales opportunities for them.  She is a member of Rotary International, Bacon-a professional women’s group, Artists of Woodbury, Board member of Merrill Arts Center, and HPAAC.  She has organized various groups in her neighborhood for the Neighborhood Watch and Earth Day Clean Up.
I believe that art and creativity go hand in hand.  Both are vital to living full lives and having healthy society. I am a little bit of a rebel, but I see a direct connection between creative thinking and effective business solutions.  For me at least, the creative process is important in both our personal and professional lives. – Becky Amble

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