Artist Bio - Miriam Woito

Artist Bio
Miriam Woito

Miriam Woito manifests her imagination through art. As a mixed media artist formally trained in architecture, she loves weaving multiple variables together to make something real. Her passion for art-making begins with a search as to how to do it: what materials, what technique, what does she have, what tools does she need….until it all comes together. Nothing ever turns out how it is first imagined!

Miriam creates art to bring color, enigma, and beauty into the world. Her abstract work creates snippets that are meant to elicit memories of special moments in the viewer’s life. Miriam tells visual stories through her images that go beyond words. She seeks to create a dialogue with the viewers as the works are seen through unique lenses formed from different perspectives and life experiences. Miriam hopes that everyone will be moved to create.

The paintings found on are inspired by the Japanese Nihonga style discovered on Miriam’s 3-month study abroad in Japan several years ago. Nihonga uses raw pigments suspended in glue. These pigments are applied in multiple layers over a textured background which includes silver and copper leaf.

Miriam has sold her work in several galleries and her work is in homes and public venues all over the world. She is currently playing, giving her work away to charity auctions and in support of

Miriam’s time is spent between homes in Boise, Idaho and Black Diamond, Washington where her 3 children and 4 grandchildren live. The kids keep her busy and inspired. As a former elementary school art teacher, Miriam loves seeing the world through the eyes of children.

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