Artist Bio - Beth Suter

Artist Bio
Beth Suter

The world needs more color, it needs more happiness, it needs more connection. I hope to do this with my paintbrush and watercolor paints. When a brush is in my hand, time stands still. It is a meditative practice for me. I’m only thinking about the color, the brush strokes, and listening to where the painting is telling me to go. – Beth Suter

Beth Suter is a watercolor artist, full time mom and native Idahoan. These three elements are continually blending together and are the main influences of her artwork. Growing up in Idaho has greatly influenced her work. Beth is inspired by tall pine trees, rivers, mountains, animals, and open skies. Beth has had an interest in art ever since she can remember, but she never imagined she could choose being an artist as a career option. Instead, she pursued a degree in Elementary Education and taught in the public schools for 6 years. After her first daughter was born, Beth decided to stay home full time. Staying home has allowed her to raise her 2 daughters (in photo with Beth) and follow her dream of being an artist.

She believes the everyday moments in nature can be extraordinary if we take the time to stop and appreciate them. Using vibrant colors and a loose painting style, Beth tries to capture these scenes and give them a magical feel. Most of Beth’s paintings are intuitive. She starts with a reference photo, but the final result usually looks entirely different. Beth also creates quote paintings. In the initial drawing she writes a quote in the painting’s backdrop. This helps set the mood. After finishing with a piece, Beth includes a typed statement called Behind the Painting. This gives the viewer insight to the process of that particular painting such as the source of inspiration and the meaning that she draws from the painting. Sometimes this will include a poem.

We all have stories that make us who we are. Our experiences with places and people shape us. I want to connect people through my art. I want people to be able to see themselves in my work. I hope they are reminded of their loved ones, the places they have traveled to, and the places they hope to one day visit. It brings me joy to create. It uplifts my spirit. I hope my audience has that same experience when viewing my paintings. – Beth Suter

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