Susan Bond: Bond With Iron, Starting at $3,000



Inspired by the fluidity of forged steel, Susan brings nature to metal creating custom ironwork for the home and garden. Her appreciation of the out-of-doors is apparent. Using shapes and forms found all around us, the steel is brought to life with natural movement, while maintaining structural stability and functionality which ensure a piece that lasts for lifetimes.

Forging is the process of heating steel up in a high temperature forge (fiery furnace) and then shaping it with a hammer or other tooling. This opens up possibilities for unique ideas to be expressed. Traditional blacksmithing joinery uses rivets and/or mortise and tenon connections, adding to the interest of the design.

Her interest in forged iron became obvious in the early 80’s when she realized that she had furnished her college abode with thrift-store furniture all consisting of steel components. Finding her way to blacksmithing 25 years ago has taken her all over the West, apprenticing and working in numerous blacksmith shops in California, New Mexico and Idaho.

Susan taught several semesters of blacksmithing at the Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the early 2000’s. She has had numerous newspaper and magazine articles written about her, and is included in the book, “Power and Passion”, by Nancy Zastrow.

Each of Susan’s pieces is a custom-created piece of artwork. Depending on the size and design of a garden gate, the price usually starts around $3,000. Contact Susan to explore the possibilities of what you’d like to have her create.

Artist Statement

“Beginning in childhood, I have had a lifetime of creating: everything from needlework, quilting, playing the piano and fiddle to blacksmithing. Forging steel has offered a new voice for expressing wonderment and conveying the dichotomy of steel – the amazing malleability underlying the strength.”


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