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Nesting: is a blog about the objects and experiences that create a sense of home. Without home, it is difficult to maintain health, find joy, or to be productive during our workdays. May you enjoy the Nesting series of blogs as much as I enjoy writing them. –Jana

Whenever my home and home décor feel tired or in need of a change, re-feathering begins. To re-feather is to shed the old and bring in the new; to prepare for a new season; and to reinvigorate daily life.

One year I focused on the walls: paint, framed art from friends and family-members, a quilt that hangs on the tall living-room wall, and inspiring quote hangings. Another year, I had the oak kitchen cabinets re-stained – a shade darker, the walls painted, and the 1980s kitchen flooring replaced.

Re-feathering can happen outside too. Over the course of several years I have taken over-grown shrubs and trees out of the yard to make room for smaller and more manageable vegetation. And then there was the year that I accidently pruned a shrub into the shape of a sheep – which the neighbors and I laughed about. (I did re-prune it to return the shape to a neighborhood friendly shrub.)

This year, re-feathering has largely taken the form of pillows. New pillows. Previously loved pillows. Pillow cases. Interestingly made pillows. Holiday bazaar designer pillow discoveries (three). Here are my pillow categories.

Accent Pillows – Splashes of color fill the oatmeal coach in the living room. Floral themed pillows of varying sizes nearly fill the lounge at the foot of my bed. And a variety of pastel and bold, nature-themed pillows add joy to the beds.

Pillows upon which to sleep – Pillows and pillow cases matter because a restful night’s sleep matters. However, pillow cases can be colorful and bold, made of nearly any fabric, or white cotton with beautiful embroidery accents. Egyptian cotton cases from Colette Jaffe of Minnesota were a 2018 gift from my sister and I’m loving the softness on my sensitive-skin face.

Purposeful Pillows – Back-supporting pillows from holiday bazaars now rest on each dining-chair that is used in the living room for guest seating. A large floral print made by Averie Lane of Idaho is happy-making. Two neutral-toned pillows made by designer Mary Maloney of Idaho add sparkle. And a ribbon-embellished pillow found at a consignment store adds cheer as well as a rectangular bolster of support.

This pillow re-feathering brings a smile to my face when I enter each space in which pillows add grace, color, and joy. What winter re-feathering are you doing? How is it making you feel?

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