Workplace: Quiet

“Be quiet!” or “Quiet on the Set.” or “Quiet is a way of being.”

To be quiet is to be silent; to not speak or make a sound; to move without making a sound or even to be still; or to be so shy that one is perceived to have a quiet personality.

Quiet can be found in the stillness of the morning just before sunrise. The noiseless moments before a storm unleashes are a pay-attention kind of quiet. When children are at play and you no longer hear them; that quiet prompts “what are they up to? It’s too quiet.” When typical workplace sounds are missing, the quiet prompts investigation.

Of course, quiet has its place in our lives at home and at work. We need down time that is noise-less; that allows us moments to reflect and think without distraction; and that allows our project accomplishment brains to focus and get work done.

Driving without the radio on creates reflective thinking time – even strategic planning time. Instituting quiet time – even 15 minutes of it – when everyone is working and schooling from home helps to bring into action thoughtfulness and calm. Some people find their own quiet even in the midst of high-volume noises and distractions.

Here are some of the ways I’ve found quiet in the workplace. Wearing noise-cancelling headphones to tune out the distractions around me. Reserving a conference room. Working from home one day a week.  “WAIT” you are saying “what about now when we work from home?”

Noise-cancelling headphones work at home too. Closed door workspaces can create quiet. Taking a walk after you’ve spent hours in virtual meetings can create quiet. With children around, the game of “who can be quiet the longest” might bring much needed peace (be sure to have a fun reward for the winner). When pets are creating the noise, perhaps one day a week at a pet-daycare would be a good break.

As we return to lengthening days of light, let us also protect moments of quiet solitude during each day. Stopping to smell a flower, to notice a sunrise or a sunset, to celebrate an accomplishment – all of these can bring calm and quiet into our days.

When and where do you find your greatest moments of quiet?

What is your favorite way to create quiet in a noisy space?

Quiet. When the noise of a team causes interference with people and tasks, it is time for quiet. To learn how to create quiet and forward motion, contact Jana Kemp. 208-367-1701 

As the author of seven books, in seven languages, Jana has been interviewed by U.S., Canadian, and European programs, and magazines.

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