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Workplace: covers the issues and activities of managing the moments of our day-to-day business lives. Five of my seven books speak to daily business skills. Together, let’s explore what affects us every day (or some days) that we go to work.

Workday motivation varies person to person. Some people exercise to start the day. Others have a daily playlist for inspiration. Still others jumpstart the day by grabbing a coffee on the way into the office.

Throughout a workday, motivation may come from a walk or run at lunch time (yes, I do see people doing this), a coffee break to brainstorm, or a project-work playlist that keeps things moving. This morning’s radio commute message included: “Motivating your workday, one song at a time.”

“One song at a time” caught my attention. Some days motivation does come in three-minute bursts and the best we can do is to stay on task “song by song.” Other days you may find yourself in a productivity zone that lasts for an hour or two.

Perhaps your workday motivation is tied directly to the kind of work you are doing. Tasks you enjoy are more likely to keep motivation high. Whereas tasks you would rather not have to do, likely demotivate you and may even stand in the way of getting other, more enjoyable work done.

Finding workday motivation is a key to your success. I’ve heard people say that they reward themselves with a walk outside when accomplishing five least-liked tasks. Time management gurus suggest breaking all projects – those you enjoy and those you do not – into small tasks that can be accomplished in 15- to 60-minute time allotments. In other words, having a time-limit or deadline may be your best motivation.

Team-mates may find motivation during the workday, or after work hours. Wherever the motivation comes from, workday success depends on being motivated to accomplish work and achieve team goals. Perhaps a team brainstorm about “what keeps us motivated” would be of benefit.

Reflect on what made your best, most motivated days so good. What workday motivations kept you going? Recognize what worked and keep repeating these motivations to continue having great and productive days, as an individual and as a team.

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