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Better Meetings For Everyone: Volume 12, Issue 4

Better Meetings for Everyone™

Volume 12, Issue 4

Publisher: Jana M. Kemp


  1. Today’s Agenda: Holiday Meeting Motivators
  2. Seen Elsewhere and Meeting Quotes
  3. Tools & Tips
  4. Meetings@Work


Holiday Meeting Motivators

This time of year, inspiring people to attend one more meeting at work, after work, or on a weekend is a challenge. Social life gets busier and attention spans get even shorter.

Try these meeting motivators, now and throughout the year.

1. Focus on content. Keep meetings short and concise. Make decisions and agree on whom will take action on each item.

2. Offer healthy food options in addition to the standard sugar-foods.

3. Express thanks and appreciation for work done recently and throughout the year.

4. Include a fun-factor the team can rally around: clothing a family, decorating the office, participating in a secret-Santa, or sharing one New Year’s resolution.

Whatever you do to motivate meeting attendance, also inspire action and follow-through. Without follow-through, a meeting’s discussion often amounts to wasted time and to hard-feelings. So choose meeting motivators that work for your team and then follow-through.



“When you speak, speak up. If people can’t hear you they won’t listen to you.” – unknown

“My advice is this: Bring in a facilitator.” – Janine Bay, November 2000 Fast Company magazine.



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