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Making Your Meetings More Productive

Talking Shop Webinar with Jana Kemp
October 5, 2017

Boise State University
College of Engineering
Department of Organizational Performance & Workplace Learning (OPWL)

How can OPWL practitioners make their team and client meetings more productive?

Join us as Jana Kemp shares hard-won expertise from her book, Moving Meetings.

Learn the following strategies and tactics for more productive meetings:

  • Agendas: Learn the structure that will make meetings more productive.
  • How Long: Discover the secret to establishing realistic timeframes for meetings.
  • When: Discover when an agenda will help you move your project work forward.
  • Pain-points: We’ll explore the meeting challenges you’ve already run into in order to provide solutions for improved communication and productivity.
  • Note-taking: Decision Logs and Action Item lists are critical to getting work done between meetings.

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