Nesting: Messages Of Uplift

Card sending celebrates birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones. Cards also convey thanks and condolences.

Sending cards with messages of encouragement, support, and uplift can brighten someone’s day, or week even. Consider these card-recipient messages:

  • “Receiving a spring greeting lifted my spirits after the long winter.”
  • “The nested cards for my 18th birthday reminded me of my youthful accomplishments. I move them with me from apartment to apartment in my 20s because they still make me smile.”
  • “Seven cards in one week arrived daily in my mailbox, giving me something to be excited about in the mail.”
  • “Beautiful nature scenes and messages of encouragement have meant so much to me that I put them on my desk so that I can continue to smile and feel the support of my friends.”
  • “Sometimes a card is so beautiful that I frame it to hang on the wall or put on the fireplace mantel. Seeing the picture reminds me of the friend who sent it and of our times together.”

Greeting cards support healing, create connections, and provide good cheer. The more cards you send, the more likely you are to receive some as well. Letter writing and exchanges – they are the original threads of written communication. Long before telegraphs, emails, and texting, there were letters.

From our Words for Free card message language, here are some messages of uplift.

Encouragement/Supporting a Friend:

You are AMAZING!    You are spectacular.    You are strong.    You are brave.    You did it – I celebrate you!    You are bold.    You are just toooo much!    Warm hugs are coming your way.    Feel better, much better.    As you and your family manage this transition, celebrate the good.    Way to go – You did it!    Some times are tough, many are rough, you’ve been through enough – we are lifting you up!

Friendly Hello:

You are a wonderful friend.    You bring delight.    You spread cheer.    Your laughter is contagious.    How charming you are!    You spread happiness and cheer wherever you go.   Looking forward to seeing you soon


You make me smile.    Glad we met.    Remember when we…?    You life me up.    You inspire me….We are celebrating ____ years of friendship. Hooray!        Hello You, from happy to be your friend – me.    Smile, I’m thinking of you.

Whenever you choose to send a card, for whatever the reason, NestingCards bring uplift and joy to your recipients. Who’s on your list to receive a card from you this week?

NestingCards videos here: Welcome to NestingCards – YouTube

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Jana Kemp

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