Nesting: Lavender

Lavender flourishes in my front, south-facing, yard. From the original four intentionally planted bushes, countless volunteers have sprung up around them, and around our yard. Each plant populates the berm happily and makes me happy too.

One year we harvested the lavender, dried it and made sachets for teacher gifts and thank you notes. The lavender sachets were a huge hit. What a simple and delightful way to create gifts for most of the people on your giving list. Sprigs of lavender in a greeting card make a nice surprise for recipients (who don’t have allergies).

Lavender sachets in dresser drawers are a nice touch for you or for your guest-room drawers. Closets also benefit from the nice-smelling sachets.

Before lavender grew so abundantly in the yard, at the farmer’s market, I found a company selling re-usable lavender dryer pouches. I LOVE the smell of lavender sheets. Plus, lavender is a calming and relaxing scent made into oils.

Over the last few years, I’ve found lavender as a food ingredient too. The lavender donut was interesting; although not one I’d buy again. I’ve seen lavender ice cream and have yet to taste it. What lavender foods have you discovered? Did you like them?

A lavender wreath hung as a front door greeting makes a nice, relaxing welcome for family, friends, and guests. Whether functional or decorative in shape, a lavender wreath communicates that you value purity, silence, devotion and caution (according to the meanings of flowers). As a healing scent, lavender is used to reduce pains and to promote relaxation and sleep. Just a drop of lavender oil on the bottom of each foot helps bring restful sleep.

Each of the dozen lavender varieties have their own scents and uses. Just as there are a variety of mints – including chocolate mint plants – the lavender varieties can bring calm and joy to your home. Whether indoors or out, lavender is a happy addition to your daily life.

Jana Kemp

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