Workplace: Course Correction

When in the course of workplace experiences, there are times that changes are needed, that performance needs coaching, and that teams benefit from regrouping.

When course corrections are needed, the most effective – and sometimes most difficult – approach to take is to talk to the individual(s) and team(s) involved. This is always the first step to take to resolve problems, address concerns, or to provide new direction.

Speaking directly to individuals or project groups when there is a problem allows everyone to work together to solve the problem, to improve performance, and to achieve hoped-for results. Going directly to the people involved saves time, increases productivity, and keeps everyone focused on their daily work.

As a supervisor, manager, director, team lead, or person in a leadership role, when you see or experience a problem, go directly to the person or team involved.  If people are not approached directly, then no change can occur in a timely manner, no improvements can be collaboratively made, and situations grow worse. Be direct. Be specific about what needs to change. Provide information about what is working and what is not working. Coach for improved performance.

Over the decades of working with companies, governmental organizations, and not-for-profits of all sizes and budgets, ongoing project management communications seem to be the most difficult arena in which to achieve success. Project management tools, checkpoints, and regular communications can improve processes and results. Clear indications of Who will do What by When are paramount. When an assigned person misses the mark or a deadline, go directly to him/her to learn what happened and to provide performance coaching.

Everyone deserves direct, improvement-focused communication. Tune up your feedback-giving and receiving skills to ensure you are as effective as possible every day. Coach others on question-asking and feedback-giving techniques for workplace productivity.

What course correction are you pursuing this week?

When communications have broken down and clarity is needed for go-forward action, call master facilitator and strategic planning leader Jana Kemp: 208-367-1701

As the author of seven books, in seven languages, Jana has been interviewed by U.S., Canadian, and European programs, and magazines. Her presentations have been seen in the United States and India by international audience members.

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