Workplace: When Work isn’t Working

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When work isn’t working, it is time for a change. One colleague says: “When the bad days outnumber the good, it is time for things to change for the better.” The key is that “change” is an action word that requires us to make decisions, to act upon or implement those decisions, and to re-evaluate and make new decisions along the way.

When work isn’t working because your skills are underutilized and your contributions are under-recognized, it’s time to ask yourself: “what can I do about this?” In some cases, underutilization and under-recognition happens because we are keeping ourselves hidden, not speaking up, and/or not taking credit where it is due. You can potentially improve your situation by speaking up politely and as a team player. In other cases, this work scenario is playing-out because of the people you work with each day. Others are unlikely to adapt, so what can you do to speak up and earn recognition? Or, or to look for a better fit for yourself?

When work isn’t working because of the culture of people leading your organization, you are on the spot to determine whether you want to keep working here. Or, whether it is time to find a new organization with a culture that better fits your needs and expectations. Company culture takes years to change even with the best leadership and leaders in place day-over-day.When work isn’t working because of overwork and underpay, ask yourself: “Is this likely to change for the better?”  If yes, then sticking it out for a while longer may make sense. If no, then brush up your resume, polish your confidence, and search for a new position in a new organization.

When work isn’t working because you simply don’t like the work, and/or the company, it is on you to adapt and like it again; or to leave graciously to find work that you like and that works better for you.

Make your work work better for you!

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