2013 is the year of “20” for Meeting & Management Essentials. Twenty years in, I am looking forward to the next twenty years of providing meeting improving skills; actionable facilitated meetings; and books that improve people’s work and personal lives.

As a part of the celebratory review and preview, the site has been overhauled and refreshed! Please take some time to explore. There are services to discover along with books and videos in the Life Resources section that you may want to add to your better decisions and life-improving collections.

Celebrating 20 years of business this year has also brought forth many people who have shared “I remember …” stories. Here are a few.

  • I remember when you said “we have a plan let’s stick to the plan.” I have shared that with several of my clients in the last seven years.
  • You said “bullying behavior and threats are not acceptable. If they happen, let me know and together we’ll file a police report.” I’ve used this recently with a group I work with to inspire better and held-accountable behavior.
  • Sometimes I ask myself ‘what would Jana do in this situation?’ says the woman who nominated Jana for Business Woman of the Year in 2006. Asking myself this helps me think logically through what can improve the situation.
  • Corporate comment: “We still hold Wednesday’s as a no-meeting day as a result of your work with our executive team. Our culture is more productive as a result.”
  • Individuals share: “I took your workshop on time management and still use the tools you shared.”
  • Individuals share: “We took the presentation skills workshop and feel more confident about making presentations now.”
  • Education clients share: “As a result of your workshops, we can manage conflict more effectively and healthfully. We also built office-safety plans.”
  • Several clients have shared: “We use the phrase ‘remember when Jana was here and suggested that we manage our meeting time effectively?’ as a way to get meetings back on track. Thanks!”
  • I remember when you were “in radio” – the Momentum show Saturday mornings on KBOI for four years.
  • I remember when you were on the National Business Radio Network and the NBC local affiliate’s morning programs providing business segments!
  • I remember your business columns for several Idaho newspapers!
  • At the 20th anniversary party “I’d forgotten you appeared in O (Oprah’s magazine) and that in 1999 you were named the Small Business Integrity Counts award recipient by the Better Business Bureau.”

Thanks for being a part of the last 20 years. Let’s keep making life better together during the next 20 years!


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