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Reading of a statewide, well-known natural resources advocate’s suicide last week, at age 42, calls the employee assistance program (EAP) to mind.

EAPs include counselling and other resources meant to make life easier and more manageable.

If your company has one, learn how it might be helpful to you, your employees, and to family members.

If your company doesn’t have an EAP, build a list of local resources which can be helpful. Include counselling, help-hotlines, suicide-prevention numbers, utility company help-numbers, police dispatch numbers, and any resources that will help your team members.

2020 and now 2021 stresses are more challenging than we’ve seen in most of our lifetimes. Greater stresses lead to greater needs for friendship, support, and encouragement from all of the people and co-workers in our lives.

Stay Safe everyone!

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